24 Hour Laboratory


24 Hour Laboratory

To enable our doctors make quick and accurate diagnoses for the patients, SAS has modern diagnostic units operating 24 hours a day. The first of these is the 24 Hour Laboratory that carries out a wide range of tests and assays with the aid of modern laboratory equipment..

Clinical Chemistry

Routine and special chemistries are done with a fully automated chemistry analyzer accurately and in very short turn around times. Tests include liver function tests, Renal function tests and electrolytes, cardiac enzymes, Pancreatic enzymes, lipid profiles, metals, glucose and HBA1C, uric acid and others.


Our Haematology department does Complete Blood Counts using a five-part-diff fully automated analyzer, Film reports, Coagulation Studies, Blood Grouping and Sickle Cell Diagnosis.

Immunology & Serology

Also on the menu are infectious diseases, hormonal assays, tumour markers, metabolic markers and cardiac markers. These are run on a fully automated Immunoassay Analyser.

Microbiology & Parasitology

The Microbiology department test for parasites in various samples and does culture and sensitivity testing.


The lab is manned by well trained and qualified personnel with a lot of practical experience in the field.

Laboratory Information System

All laboratory data management is fully computerized with the use of a Laboratory Information System. Data is processed quickly and accurately, and very easy to retrieve whenever needed.

Quality Management

To further enhance the reliability of its results, the lab has its own internal quality control program and also participates in external quality assessment programs.


Quick, accurate and cost-effective laboratory services.