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Do not wait until you are sick to see a doctor.  See your doctor for a general check up at least once a year.

Wash your hands with soap before eating and preparing food, and after using the toilet.

Keep your body and environment clean to prevent infections.

Exercise for at least 30 minutes for at least 3 days a week to maintain a healthy heart and mind.

Include plenty of fruits and vegetables in your diet. Avoid fatty diets and refined carbohydrates.

Who We Are

SAS CLINIC is a private health care provider dedicated to satisfying the communities’ health care needs through affordable, accessible and quality medical services. Registered on 22 August 1994 as SAVANNAH SUNRISE MEDICAL CENTRE LIMITED in Kampala, Uganda’s capital and largest city , it started operations in March 1998 trading as SAS Clinic.

Our Branches

Shoal House Plot 76 Kampala Road P O Box 3876 Kampala, Uganda (E. Africa) Telephone: (256) 414 345 325 Email Address: Fax: (256) 414 345 339
Plot 54 Katazamiti Road off Kiswa Road P O Box 3876 Kampala, Uganda (E. Africa) 256 414 220 970 256 414 345 339
Entebbe Road Naziba Hill Lubowa/Lweza P O Box 3876 Kampala Uganda (E. Africa) +256 434 132 617 Fax: +256 414 345 339